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The Unlock your Future Scholarship Calendar offers a sample of some upcoming scholarship and award applications in a simple format. Please note that the Calendar is not exhaustive like a scholarship database, you can connect with those here, but can function as a simple starting point for students in their scholarship search. Visit our Facebook page for more scholarship news and upcoming deadlines.  

Simply hover your mouse over or click directly on the event listed in the calendar and you will be provided with additional information about the opportunity as well as a direct link to the application itself. Please note that the Calendar automatically states "all-day" in regard to the time that the scholarship is due, but each scholarship may have a specific time deadline and you should refer to the application link provided to review their criteria.   

Do you offer a scholarship for students in Canada? Let us know and we will be happy to add your scholarship to the calendar.

**Please note: The information in the calendar is current at the time of posting; however, it is possible for deadlines and criteria to change over time. Although the calendar will be updated, it is to function as a starting point and it is the student's responsibility to confirm requirements as they navigate the scholarship process.**