The websites below are online resources that can act as helpful tools for navigating the scholarship process. Click on the logos to access the corresponding websites.

Formerly known as Student Awards, this was rebranded as yconic in December 2014. This was also a free website where you complete a registration process and an inbox of scholarships is created for you. However, yconic has had numerous technical issues in the last few months and they appear to have just launched a new website. The new website is still not fully functioning and it's not exactly clear what the new format will be. As this is a resource we have shared in the past, we are keeping it listed here for now for those who are curious about why it is not working. This description will be updated when their website is fully functioning again. 

This government website offers information for international students about opportunities for studying in Canada as well as opportunities for Canadians related to graduate study and research abroad.

This page offers helpful information regarding scholarships and taxes. 

Scholarships Canada is a free website with an extensive database (80,000+ scholarships!) that lists numerous scholarship opportunities in detail. When you register you will provide information ranging from your year of study to your hobbies, which will be used as keywords to run through their system. At the end of the process, you will have an inbox of awards that are appropriate for you based on the information you supplied. In addition, they have a number of sister websites that provide a comprehensive system for guiding students through the post-secondary experience: School Finder, Study in Canada and Grad School Finder.  Scholarships Canada also offers online webinars on a number of different topics and newsletters.

Learn how to plan, search, and apply for programs in BC using .

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Student Budget Calculators 

This  Student Financial Assistance website  is  run  by  the   Government  of Canada.  This resource provides information on Canadian post-secondary education. 


​​There are a number of online calculators that can help you build a budget for post-secondary expenses. Below are links to several options:

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​A database of scholarships for students with disabilities studying at Canadian post-secondary institutions.