The Unlock your Future Workbook and Scholarship Kit are additional resources to guide students through the scholarship process. The Workbook presents the UYF program in an easy to follow and use format. While the Workbook reiterates and compliments the information presented in the UYF Seminar, it does stand-alone: you do not have to attend the seminar in order for the Workbook to be a helpful tool.  

The Workbook was designed for high school students of all grades and undergraduate students. Please note that the Workbook does not contain a list of specific applications. As links and application details change often, the Workbook does not contain any time-sensitive information. Our Resource Centre acts as our portal to connect students with examples of specific applications and scholarship databases while the Workbook provides a thorough overview of the process and the steps students should take to build their scholarship foundations. 

The Extended Edition Workbook is $25.00 and the UYF Scholarship Kit is $30.00: these prices include GST. See below the difference between the two. Both are available for purchase at Unlock your Future seminars and workshops where we accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard and American Express for payment.

The Extended Edition Workbook can be purchased online via the UYF Store. At this time only the Workbook is available online; the Scholarship Kit is not available for shipping. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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